The craftsmanship and quality is remarkable. The Stowaway Holdaway™ is made from absolutely corrosion resistant materials. It is light weight, yet strong enough to hold through wind waves, and tides.

We are so confident in this product that we offer a FIVE YEAR FULL REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE! If any Stowaway Holdaway becomes unusable due to bending or breaking for up to five years, we will replace it ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Best of all, you can begin protecting your boat for much less than any comparable product on the market -- in fact, there are none that we know of, since all four models of the Stowaway Holdaway is PATENT PROTECTED!

Model (s)
SN (1)
Side Cleats
Up to 23 Feet Long
Extends from 14 to 21 Inches
MN (1)
Personal Water Craft
Up to 23 Feet Long
Extends from 19 to 32 Inches
LN (1)
Center Cleat
Up to 23 Feet Long
Extends from 31 to 56 Inches
XN (1)
Side Cleats
Up to 60 Feet Long
Double-Lock Design!
Extends from 24 to 36 Inches


When combining two Stowaway Holdaway's from the table above (one for the front of the boat and one for the back of the boat), nearly any watercraft can be properly protected. Just see if you have side cleats or center cleats (the things you tie a rope to on your watercraft), figure out the length of your boat, and use the table above to decide which models would work best for your situation.

Also, for more precision in special circumstances, you could measure the distance you need from the front and back cleats to the dock and reference the table above for the correct combinations of Stowaway's for your boat. For Example:

Two Model SN -- Use this combination for when a boat is up to 23 feet long and has side cleats on both the front and rear. Most fishing boats and pontoons fit this configuration.

Two Model MN -- Use this combination for personal watercraft and for boats with side cleats (up to 23 feet long) that need more space between the boat and the dock. This combination could also be used for small boats with center cleats -- assuming 32 inches is long enough from the dock to the cleat.

Two Model LN -- Use this combination for boats (up to 23 feet) with center cleats in both the front and the rear of the boat.

Two Model XN
-- Use this combination for larger boats (up to 60 feet) with side cleats in the front and the rear. This model is extremely strong!

One Model SN and One Model LN -- Use this combination for boats with a center cleat in the front and a side cleat in the back (or visa versa). This combination fits most open bow recreational ski boats and some fishing boats.
As you can see the combinations are limitless -- one of the great aspects of the Stowaway Holdaway!